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Tea party plan for companies

A tea party at Kyomachiya improves the sense of unity of the team!


In a nice space completely different from the office

Infiltrate the spirit of the tea ceremony "Wakei Seijaku"

Aim for true communication.


Where employees of the heart becomes one,

A strong organization is born.

With a tea ceremony master who has a permit

How about taking a break with tea?


Recommended for such companies!


Organizational performance
​ I want to improve

Each person can demonstrate their abilities

Build a team and

In business

Great resultsI want to keep it.


Communication between employees
​ I want to deepen

In a different atmosphere than usual

Opened my heart

Make true communication,

I want to strengthen the sense of unity among employees.


I want to have a memorable experience in Kyoto with my company colleagues

Get in touch with deep Japanese culture



I want to strengthen the relationship of trust.


Team vision
​ I want to penetrate

Everyone on the team can share

Share values and vision

I want to create an organization.

​Experience flow


​Arrival at the facility / ice break


Arrived about 10 minutes before the experience start time.


Guide to the waiting room.

We will serve plain hot water and introduce you to Kyomachiya.


Ice break time.


Seating / Greetings


When the experience start time comes, we will guide you to the tea room.


We have cushions available, so

Even those who are not good at sitting up can feel free to join us.

The tea ceremony teacher gave a greeting and talked about the history and spirit of the tea ceremony.

I will explain.


​Enjoy sweets


At a long-established store in Kyoto on the morning of the experience

We will serve the Japanese sweets you have prepared .


I will explain Japanese sweets carefully.

Please enjoy slowly.


Show off


Urasenke's tea ceremony master who has a permit

I will show you the point.

Customers will be able to relax slowly during the treatment.


Taste matcha


We will carefully stand up one by one from the regular customers.

Please take the second and third clothes!

You can actually make tea from the person who finished drinking

You can also have it sent to your neighbor

I can do it.

Peace from a bowl!


​Free exchange and final greetings


Slowly while drinking tea

Exchange words and deepen communication

Connect your hearts together.

After you're done

I would like to give you a final greeting.


About tea party plans for companies

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