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Space rental plan for lessons

A full-fledged Kyomachiya

Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, kimono, etc.

Feel free to practice!


Fully equipped kitchen facilities, such as tea parties

It can also be used as a venue for tea ceremony.

We also have a tie-up with a dedicated company

You can also rent tools

Please feel free to contact us.


Do you have such troubles?


I want to practice, but
​ No place

With friends whenever you like

I want to practice, but

I couldn't find a suitable place

I can't do it forever


General rental facilities
​ There are a lot of rules and I can't get rid of it

I checked the rental facility, but

Lots of rules and restrictions

I'm tired.


Carrying tools is a hassle, but
Expensive to rent

I need a lot of tools

Difficult to carry!

But if you want to rent it, the rental fee is high and your budget is over!


I want to prepare carefully,
There is a time limit ...

Preparing for the tea ceremony

Stay overnight from the day before

I want to do it, but I can stay overnight

I can't find the venue.

​We have a special rental plan for you!


​Rental of a whole Kyomachiya

Freely use all facilities of Machiya

You can use it.

There is also a kitchen,

Preparations for any event

It is possible.


​We prepare a plan according to the usage time

① 1 night 2 days

② 2 nights and 3 days

③ Hourly rental

From multiple plans

Best for your purpose of use

You can choose the plan that suits you.


​No need to bring any tools!

Tool set is optional

We can arrange it!

By asking a dedicated contractor

You can use it at low cost.

Also, leave it to us for shipping and collection!

About the lesson space rental plan

Contact us from here

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